About compensation for damage to luggage

Last updated 16/11/2021
Damage to, for example, baggage in connection with a flight are regulated by Danish compensation regulations and in the Regulation (EC) 889/2002 on air carrier liability in the event of accidents.

What damages are covered?

Last updated 16/11/2021

If your baggage is damaged or lost, e.g. in connection with a flight and the damage can be calculated financially, you are entitled to compensation from the air carrier.

The rules on compensation applies to flights with Danish air carriers and other EU air carriers/community carriers regardless of where in the world they fly. You must therefore contact your air carrier regarding compensation for the damage.


Compensation rules also applies to flights with non-EU air carriers/non-community carriers on the following routes: 


  • Denmark and Greenland and between Denmark and Greenland (domestic)
  • Between Denmark/Greenland and countries that have ratified the Montreal Convention (international)
  • Between Denmark/Greenland and countries that have ratified neither the Montreal Convention nor the Warsaw Convention (international)


In connection with the abovementioned international flights, passengers are not rest assured of any advance payment as payment depends on the national regulations that apply to the air carrier in question. The Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority offers more information on which countries have ratified the relevant conventions.

Flights that are not covered by all rules

Some of the rules on compensation do not apply to the following flight(s):


  • Flights with non-EU air carriers/non-community carriers between Denmark and countries that have only ratified the Warsaw Convention (and not the Montreal Convention)
  • Flights with air carriers registrered on the Faroe Islands

How to file a complaint?

Last updated 16/11/2021
Claims regarding damages can only be lodged with the air carrier.

For damage to checked-in baggage, you must submit the complaint within 7 days while in the event of baggage delays you must claim within 21 days. This applies from the day when the baggage has been or should have been made available to the passenger. 

In the event of personal injury, you must send the claim to the air carrier operator as quickly as possible.

Please note that if you are unhappy with the air carrier's decision, you can bring the case before the courts. You can also refer to the European Consumer Centre Denmark (Forbruger Europa) for advice.